1. A Trip to Xunshan Mountain

Choreographer: Cao Duandan

The music has been selected from Soft Memory collected in the album Butterfly and Blue by Wu Li.

Composer: Tao Yimo

Arranger: Xu Lei

Instructor: Cao Duandan

Performers:Yang Yang, Jin Zhouyi, Ding Entong, Zhu Wenya, Wang Yidan, Zheng Ying, Han Yining, Li Caiwei, Du Yihan, Mao Xinran

Introduction: Simplicity is splendid, like a trip in the cyan-colored Jiangnan landscape, where you can spend time in nature and reflect on what you have experienced. When your body and mind walk together, you feel zen


  1. Lonely Moon

Choreographer: Wang Xuerou

Music from Qin’s Moon

Producer: Beijing Dance Academy

Instructors:Yang Xudong & Li Zi

Performer:Zhang Chengming

Introduction: In the Han-style Yangko dance of Shandong, dancers walk on water by the light of the solitary moon. Their shadows stretch across the unbroken surface of the water while the light and shadow meld in a spirit of serenity and contemplation. Sun or moon, the clear river reflects the passion of the dancers as they stand alone, the solitary rays lighting them on their ways.


III. Love Song of Zhasaktu

Choreographers: Wu Yahan & Ji Dapeng

Composers: Bao Xiaoqi & Bi Chenglong

Producer: Ulan Muqir of Ke’erqin Left Wing Middle Banner, Hinggan League

Instructors:Yang Xudong & Li Zi

Performers:Yang Yang & Lan Jinghao


Introduction: A Mongolian dance shimmers in the moonlight on the tranquil grasslands. Under the starry sky insects chirp, and a young Mongolian couple embarks on a tale of love, filling the night with pure happiness.


  1. A Magnificent River

Choreographers: Ouyang Jirui, Li Zi & Zhong Bingjie

Composer: Ma Zhuoming

Instructor:Li Zi

Performer:Zheng Ying

Introduction: The Han-style Anhui Flower-Drum Lantern Dance sings the praises of China’s natural beauty and depicts a wide, magnificent river with picturesque scenery on either side and the sweet fragrance of rice flowers wafting in the air. The dance evokes feelings of attachment and admiration for the motherland and is infused with the pioneering spirit of China’s forefathers, inspiring modern dancers to march forth bravely towards the new era and the Sun.


  1. Red Waist Scarf

Choreographer: Yuan Yuan

Composer: Xu Lei

Producer: Beijing Dance Academy

Instructors:Yang Xudong & Li Zi

Performer:Mao Yue

Introduction: A Yi ethnic dance is accompanied by the sound of bells and drums and features a gentle song and solo dance with Yi girls in colorful costumes that excite the audience. They dance gracefully, enchanting the young men with their wild, red belts, spinning and painting up the sky. Their dance is passionate like life and light as flowing water. The bright Red Waist Scarf represents the joy of life.


  1. Peacocks Flying Southeast

Choreographer: Zhao Xiaogang

Producer: Beijing Dance Academy

Instructor:Li Zi

Performer:Zhu Wenya

Introduction: A Han dance draws the audience in for the story of a tragic love affair. A woman listens attentively and is overcome by feelings of helplessness and sadness before a sense of unconquerable love and determination, like a meeting between a hard boulder and a flexible willow reed, finally prevails.


VII. Sauurdin· Praise

Choreographer: Yuan Yuan

Composer: Ba Tu

Producer: Beijing Dance Academy

Instructors:Yang Xudong & Li Zi

Performer:Chi Yuxin

Introduction: A Mongolian dance roams the grasslands of Tianshan adorned in the finest attire and welcoming dream migrations too many to count, a testament to a shared heritage. Seeking my roots and ancestors, I welcome my distant Mongolian relatives.


VIII. Swimming Upstream and Jumping

Choreographers: Li Jiawen, Yuan Zhu & Ma Jielin

Composer: Yang Yi

Instructor:Li Zi

Performers:Ding Entong, Yang Yang, Zhu Wenya, Wang Yidan, Zhang Chengming

Introduction: The dance interprets jumping with the forms of fish. It displays the excitement, resilience, enterprising spirit, and courage of people struggling in this era, singing as they fight against the waves, braving the wind, and pushing on upstream.


  1. BaoHao

Choreographer: Li Ziquan

Composer: Yang Zongxun

Producer: Zhejiang Conservatory of Music

Instructor:Yang Xudong

Performer:Li Ziquan

Introduction: The Han-style dance from the Lingnan region of China is known for its unifying spirit. Combining dance, Southern-style boxing, and theatrical performance, the dance is grand and intense and highlights a tenacious national spirit that is fearless and determined in the face of struggle.


  1. Girls of the She Ethnic Group

Choreographers: Zheng Jie & Li Zi

Composer: Yang Yi

Producer: Zhejiang Conservatory of Music

Instructors: Zheng Jie & Li Zi

Performers:Chi Yuxin, Zhu Wenya, Wang Yidan, Ding Entong, Zheng Ying, Han Yining, Mao Yue, JinZhouyi, Zhang Chengming, Li Caiwei, Mao Xinran

Introduction: Lively dancing, mountain songs, and the sound of laughter at a She ethnic wedding create an unforgettable atmosphere of festivity and harmony.